At the core of our team


Machina Cinema Industrial, MCI, is a full service multi-media production company with over a decade of experience in story telling and filmmaking. Our focus at MCI is to inject Live Events, Commercial Projects, Promotional Videos, Commercials and Live Stream productions with the cinematic element, resulting in an informative and visually appealing project that will separate your product from the rest.

At the core of our team is producer and CEO, Perla Rivera and writer and Creative Director, Buddy Calvo. This dynamic duo leads each production and based on the needs of your project, we assemble a crew of skillful and talented creatives, each the best at what they do, to provide you with the best team in the industry. We are passionate about what we do and proud to be in the business of video production. Be it a Non-Profit campaign, client testimonials or Live Stream event, when it comes to multi-media production we here at MCI operate by a strict philosophy; Don’t Talk About it, Be about it.